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She is one of the most caring, sharing people on Facebook! If you don't know her now, you will want to get to know her and be happy that you do! Terri is truly an uplifting, encouraging, gracious and wise soul!

Her Story...

"As the designer and owner of PaperOnParade, I joined a group of wonderfully talented, sharing people via 'LINK LOVE!' Our common thread is the love of designing handcrafted products and a desire to share it with those who are interested.

Mine is one of many, many stories of success...
My son and daughter-in-law wanted to get me something special for my birthday, so they viewed my fan page and found a fan page, Valley Bead Glass Art (which is one of my 700 plus fans). They chose a beautifully handcrafted bracelet and when I received it in the mail, it was gift wrapped with a sweet note!!! I love surprises but, that isn't the end of this story... Valley Bead Glass Art (link below) needed a baby gift and purchased one of my photo albums! So, this time, the "Link Love" came full circle! What you share and sow will come back to you... Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don't! When we are blessed enough to see it first hand... it is total sweetness!!! So keep sharing the 'LINK LOVE,' everyone!"

QUESTION: If you had to attribute one thing to "Link Love," what would that one thing be?
ANSWER: "By far it's the wonderful friendships I've made with other sharing and talented artisans!"

QUESTION: If a new fan asked you for advice and what to do to increase their fan base and exposure to the world, what would you tell them?
ANSWER: "There have been several people who have sent me a Facebook message. One of the first things I do is send them to Runway Crochet's blog (link provided below) where they can learn about it. I also encourage them to keep posting their links and sharing with others! When they get stuck, I just tell them to keep posting and the fans/followers will come!"

QUESTION: If you ran into some one opposed to "Link Love," what might you say to sway their opinion?
ANSWER: "They need to research what SEO is all about! Once they realize what SEO is, they might change their mind. If you have a lot of fans - YOU ARE GOING TO GET NOTICED!"

QUESTION: How often do you hit the other "Particpant Fan Page Discussion Boards?"
ANSWER: "At least, every other day! But, I try to check every day. It is work but, A LOT OF FUN, TOO! My new motto is... "Bye, bye big box!"

QUESTION: What other good things could you say about "Link Love?"
ANSWER: "It's something you have to like and enjoy! But, it's NOT something you have to continue all the time. If you get sick or take a vacation, you can pick back up where you left off - start sharing links again and your numbers will begin to increase again."


"Link Love" Start Date: About Jan. 1, 2010

Starting FB Fans: 102
In approximately 10 days: 350
At Present 700 Plus

Starting Etsy Hearts: about 60
At Present: almost 250

Starting Blog followers: 12
At Present: 62

Starting Twitter followers: about 7
At Present: 300 PLUS


Terri designs unique 6 x 8 photo albums for your special pictures. Slide 4 x 6 photos into the pockets and glue! Therefore you can change out pictures as you wish. Each album has pocket pages, too with an insert for journaling or adding more photos. The complete album is handcrafted by her, from the spine to the embellished pages. Also, available are 12 x 12 embellished scrapbooking pages, ready for your photos, journaling and inserting into your own 12 x 12 album. Recently, she's added note pads made from recycled boxes! Too cute and recycling too!

Previous venues for Terri, included designing wedding dresses, dance costumes, square dance outfits and always sewing for her children. Plus she created custom picture frame designs in Alaskan art galleries. For her, this new venture into paper is so exciting and she thinks ETSY and Zibbet are wonderful answers to marketing her shop,
Paper On Parade... for Memories that POP!

These are some of Terri's lovely items available for sale! =)


  1. LOVE Terri, LOVE POP!! Great interview Vic!! Did I miss that you were going to start this?? What a GREAT idea!!

  2. This was just so nice! I felt so cozy and homey reading Terri's story. I need to go shopping in her shop. I send lots of good luck her way!

  3. Great feature of Terri's creations! Terrific idea to blog about Link Love Successes! I've added you to my fav's so I can keep up with the news!

  4. That's amazing, keep on the link love, super congrats to your success and to all the rest of the link loves. Big kisses to you all :)

  5. What a lovely thing to do. I met Terri via link love also and I agree, she is a lovely person. Always making me smile with her perky comments.

    I wish her more successes and I too truly believe good will always come back to you.

  6. Thank you for highlighting Terri's success story! She is the person who tuned me into link love and it does really work! I hope she has continued success.

  7. FANtastic, great to read. I look forward to more and more :D

  8. Great story on Terri! She has always been a wonderful Facebook friend! Wonderful feature, Runway, blogging all the awesome successes is such a fantastic idea!!

    Link Love has given our Handmade Industry a strong, collective voice on Facebook!! You ladies ROCK!!

  9. Way to go "link Lovers". What a fantastic idea. You all are an awesome!!


  10. Thank you Vic for all that you do!! I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. Details are on my blog:

  11. Nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. See details at

  12. Soooo enjoyable to not only hear the stories of the business and the people behind link love and all the wonderful and arty creations but also see the photos and the face! Looking forward to more x Rowena (Cherrypik Jewels)

  13. Awesome story on Terri!! She's such a sweetheart...and what a terrific idea to blog about Link Love success!!