Sunday, August 1, 2010



Ahhh... "Lady Di"
I call her that because, she has those qualities that make her special! 1. She's got a great deal of patience. She waited very patiently, and I mean "very patiently," for me to finish "those other things" before I could get back to this blog with her story. LOL! And 2. She's a very warm, sweet and courteous woman. In essence... she is our "Lady Di!"

Not only is she fully participating in #LINKLOVE, but she's kind and loving enough to make time to spend with friends who desperately need her in a crisis! Diana is some one we all should get to know better, because she embodies all the qualities that make her a GREAT friend.

Her Story...
"I worked most of my life, then was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in July 2008. It took 11 months for the doctors to figure out what was wrong. I tried my hardest to continue to work, but had to quit my job in September 2009. I just couldn’t do it anymore. Without a job, I couldn’t keep my apartment either! So I packed all my belongings, put the majority in a storage unit, moved back home to my mother’s house, and applied for disability.

My mom was crocheting this huge rectangular tablecloth, as I watched her, I wished I had the patience to make something that large. Knowing I can no longer do what I really wanted to do anymore, I figured it was time to see what I could do... I searched her patterns and found a butterfly I wanted to make, got her extra hook and some yarn. Then to my surprise, I found I could do it without it hurting my hands and wrists. I was so excited I had to find other things to make! 

I crocheted doilies and things I wanted for myself, then I moved back to Pennsylvania where most of the family lives including my son and his wife!  He's married to Mandy, Eileen’s daughter (from Painting by Eileen). We spent a lot of time talking and I helped her when I could by painting base coats on her items. We talked about Etsy and Facebook and she showed me how to get started. I created my FB business/fan page and an Etsy shop January 2010. The day I sent her my links in an email, she posted them on her fan page and asked for some help from her #LINKLOVE fan/likes. 

As I sat there and watched the fan/like numbers climb, there were so many – I could hardly keep up! Then I decided to do what all the advice said to do and started a discussion topic for #LINKLOVE on my page. It was amazing to see! I had this huge grin on my face and my heart swelled with love for all the wonderful people who gave me such amazing compliments and help.

Currently, I'm making as much inventory as I can to ship to Chicago for a new boutique that wants to sell my crochet. I am just blown away from all the help, love, support and advice from all these wonderful #LINKLOVE people. I've made friends with many of thme had it not been for #LINKLOVE! When I see someone starting out, I want them to experience the same amazement that I did and do all I can to help them along. 

Every time there is an accomplishment or benchmark made you can count on Vic from Runway Crochet, Eileen from Painting by Eileen, and Elfie from Painting from the Heart to be there to cheer them on! There are so many wonderful, supportive, and caring people in this group. I am so glad I gave it a try!"

QUESTION: If you had to attribute one thing to #LINKLOVE, what would that one thing be?

ANSWER: "I would not be where I am today without #LINKLOVE. If you need some ideas or suggestions on anything, you can always get support from caring people who will help in every way. The support of this group is the best thing I could have ever hoped for.

QUESTION: If a new fan asked you for advice and what to do to increase their fan base and exposure to the world (SEO), what would you tell them?

ANSWER: "I'd tell them to go to my business/fan page discussion topic to check out all the links to the wonderful shops and creations. Start fanning/liking, following adding all the links, and leave your links for them. They'll be amazed at what will happen! The more you do – the more you get." 

QUESTION: If you ran into some one opposed to #LINKLOVE, what might you say to sway their opinion?

ANSWER: "You just need to experience #LINKLOVE to see for yourself! We support each other and it’s not about the sale. However, the more people who see your creations, the better chance of getting the sale you would like in the end. We are the most caring, supportive, and uplifting group you could want to be part of!"

QUESTION: How often do you hit the other business/fan pages' discussion topics?

ANSWER: "As often as I can! It seems there are new people everyday and I try my best to keep up. But, sometimes... life gets in the way."

QUESTION: What other good things could you say about #LINKLOVE?

ANSWER: "If you are looking for support, friends, uplifting moments – all you need to do is get involved with #LINKLOVE! You will have everything you looked for and so much more. I can’t say enough about these wonderful people!"


#LINKLOVE Start Date: January 2010

Starting FB Fans:  0
At Present: 1119

Starting Etsy Hearts: 0
At Present: 235

Etsy Sales before #LINKLOVE: 0
At Present : 2
Diana crochets lovely and timeless treasures. These items are among the classic and honored traditions of being proudly displayed in the home or office! There is just something so lovely and feminine in these items.  She told me she learned to crochet from her mother. Diana uses #10 crochet cotton on all the doilies and similar items with a size 7 hook. She also uses worsted weight cotton with mainly a G hook to make spa baskets, towels, wash cloths, shower puffs, and soap savers, as basket type gifts.  She finds crocheting very relaxing and puts her heart and soul into everything she makes. She's also a perfectionist! She says she wouldn't want to sell anything to anyone that didn't first, suit her. Take a look at these beautiful samples!