A #LINKLOVE Angel does all the normal activities #LINKLOVE requires in fanning/following/adding and posting – just like everyone else but, these norms are NOT what make a LINKLOVE ANGEL…

A #LINKLOVE ANGEL makes the extra effort to go above and beyond the norms of LINKLOVE in these ways...

Recognizes a "NEWBIE," sometimes before they are even asked, takes the "NEWBIE" under their wings and reposts the links sharing the newfound talent with their fans.

Sees a post, a comment, or a discussion from some one who needs a little help learning about #LINKLOVE or needs a little #LINKLOVE PUSH to reach a benchmark and do what they can to provide assistance.

Does NOT sit back and wait for some one else to do the right thing! They take hold of the situation and forge ahead with all that is necessary to keep #LINKLOVE flying high!

Because there are those who do all these things, we want to praise their efforts and give them the recognition they so very much deserve!


NaLa with Jewelry by NaLa was presented with wings from Mv on June 1, 2011.
You can find NaLa here
http://jewelrybyNaLa.etsy.com/ http://jewelrybyNaLa.blogspot.com/
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=139995785046 http://twitter.com/jewelrybyNaLa

Patricia with Red Cottage Creations was presented with wings from Painting by Eileen on June 1, 2011.
You can find Patricia here

Anna with Artibility was presented with wings from By Your Side on June 7, 2010 (unanimous decision)
You can find Anna here


Lea with The Photog's Log - Lea Fowler Photography was presented with wings from Paper on Parade on June 7, 2010

Nadia with The Crafty Ninja was presented with wings from Painting from the Heart on June 7, 2010 (unanimous decision)
You can find Nadia here
Max with Krafty Max Originals was presented with wings from Aprons by MeMe on June 7, 2010 (unanimous decision)
You can find Max here

Sarah with Tiny Teddies Boutique was presented with wings from Aprons by MeMe on April 12, 2010 (unanimous decision)

Dolcie with DeeCee's Wire Wonders was presented with wings from Painting from the Heart on April 5, 2010
You can find Dolcie here 
Lory with Goody Goody Tutus was presented with wings from Aprons by MeMe on March 29, 2010 (another unanimous agreement)
You can find Lory here 
Heather with The Pine Cone Tea Cup was presented with her wings from Runway Crochet on March 22, 2010 (a unanimous vote BTW, from all of the ORIGINAL LINKLOVE ANGELS)

A Little #LINKLOVE History...

To properly give well deserved credit where credit is due... Back in December 2009, while visiting friends' fan pages, Terri with Paper on Parade and Vic with Runway Crochet discovered something that they thought was such an amazing way to grow your network on Zur Designs page! Deb (WHAT A BRILLIANT WOMAN!), had started a discussion topic and provided a place for artisans to post their links. Not only that, but she was offering to fan them back for posting their links! Well... They began posting it to their walls and tweeting it like some old fashioned town criers selling newspapers on the street corner... because it was BIG NEWS!!! It didn't take too long before a few of their previous fans also saw that it was a WONDERFUL thing, too! "Link Love" all by itself, is NOTHING new but, Deb's way was! What a way to improve your SEO, watch your network numbers grow and best of all, discover new talent and make some new friends, too!!!

These AWESOME women are who we call the ORIGINAL #LINKLOVE ANGELS! Many have learned by their example what to do and have become or will become #LINKLOVE ANGELS!!! They are...

Terri with Paper on Parade
Vic with Runway Crochet 

Michele with By Your Side
Eileen with Painting by Eileen
Elfie with Painting from the Heart
Mv with Mv Artfire
Kris with Aprons by MeMe

Also to...
Zur Designs (for being the BRILLIANT MIND who came up with the BRILLIANT IDEA of posting to discussions in the first place!)

Together, they are the "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN!" Pardon the pun!

These are their #LINKLOVE ANGELS and will be presented to others who meet all the attributes mentioned above. #LINKLOVE ANGELS may be presented with an Angel from each of the ORIGINAL #LINKLOVE ANGELS – they may receive all seven! We hope they do!!!

Paper On Parade
LinkLove Success Stories, Paper on Parade Link Love Angel

By Your Side
LinkLove Success Stories, By Your Side Link Love Angel

Painting by Eileen
LinkLove Success Stories, Painting by Eileen Link Love Angel

Painting from the Heart
LinkLove Success Stories, Painting from the Heart Link Love Angel

LinkLove Success Stories, mv Link Love Angel

Aprons by MeMe
LinkLove Success Stories, Aprons by MeMe Link Love Angel

Runway Crochet
LinkLove Success Stories, Runway Crochet Link Love Angel


  1. I love this story!!! I know that many if not most of you reached out to me to help promote my pages and I am so appreciative! The parties to celebrate everyones successes is a blast and so uplifting!

    Thanks again for being a great group of ladies!

  2. Thank you for my wings i will use them wisely <<>>

  3. thank you all so very much!!! I just love the friends and fans that I have found through LINK Love....let's do some more!!! :~) ~KM

  4. Awesome! Love,

  5. Wonderful to be in the midst of so many Caring and Sharing Angels, thank you ...

  6. I am so glad I found you as I am very new to "love Linking". Angel Ray from MuseSilkPainting (http://www.facebook.com/MuseSilkPaintings) was my angel who was kind enough to share with me the proper way of posting on other artist's facebook pages.